Game drive in Aberdare national park is among the most emotional experience you will ever explore on Kenya safaris. This is because Aberdare national park is a paradise of all the big fives and other mammal species which can be adventured on your game drive experience within the park. Game drive in Aberdare is truly humbling and privileged experience you will undoubtedly tour on Kenya wildlife safaris.

Game drive experience is one of the best magnificent ways to explore the treasure of Aberdare national park during your Kenya wildlife Safaris. Dive In M’s Hotel offers full-day moorland game drives, the salient game drives as well as the late afternoon/sundowner game drives. The full day moorlands game drive provides with visitors on a safari a great chance to view bongos, undulating hills, clear mountain streams, numerous waterfalls and rewardable scenery. Animals are the major highlights of this game drives with visitors set to spot all the big fives including the black rhino, the leopard, elephants and buffalos. You can also view the Sykes, spotted hyenas, Columbus and black-faced vervet monkeys. One can be able to view very rare animal’s species like the Bongo antelopes and the Giant forest hog.