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1207, 2023

Experience Game Drive in the Aberdares

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Game drive in Aberdare national park is among the most emotional experience you will ever explore on Kenya safaris. This is because Aberdare national park is a paradise of all the big fives and other mammal species which can be adventured on your game drive experience within the park. Game drive in Aberdare is truly humbling and [...]

1207, 2023

Why You Should Visit Aberdare National Park

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Aberdare national park is a renowned home to the second-largest population of endangered black rhinos in Kenya, other animals found in the Aberdare national park include elephants, hyenas, bushbucks, defassa waterbucks, reedbucks, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, Sykes monkeys and many more. Regarded as one of Kenya’s top parks to visit for both first-time [...]

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